Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upcoming Shows and news

Gosh, today was so beautiful. Sunny and 70, I am so ready for this warm weather. I worked a bit in the garden, watched the Blazers win a magical playoff game, started making small tile magnets and got glue all over my fingers again.... 

Lots of changes are happening right now for me... I just put in notice and am leaving my clog job in one month. I'm excited for change, the unknown....flying by the seat of my pants can be a little scary and fun.  I'm not quite set to do this art thing full time, but hoping to get there eventually and for the time being, looking for something else part time.  That said, I am very happy to be lined up with these art shows in the coming months........

*Please click on the festival titles to access links to websites and more info:

Mt.Tabor Art Walk (May 21st + 22nd) 
Artists living in the Mt Tabor Neighborhood open up their homes and studios to the community for two days.  John and I wandered around last year and had so much fun.  I plan to clear out the two front rooms of my house and turn it into a little gallery.  I'll have large paintings on wood panels, small wood block paintings, prints, coasters on recycled ceramic tiles, and gift cards.... In a month, the garden should really be popping too. I'm really excited.

Recycled Arts Festival  (June 25th + 26th) 
I haven't done this one before, but have heard great things about it.  All participating artists create work out of recycled materials.  This year, it is part of the Rose Festival.  It takes place in Vancouver's beautiful Esther Shore Park, along the Columbia river and by the farmer's market. In addition to art and educational booths, there will be music on the main stage, and family fun as well.

Cracked Pots (July 19th + 20th) 
I participated in the Cracked Pots Ungarden Show for the first time last year.  It was one of the most fun and successful shows for me last year, and I was so happy to hear I was accepted again.  This year, they are combining indoor art with the garden art and it is all taking place at McMenimen's Edgefield.  Participating artists are required to make work out of materials that would otherwise go to the landfill.  The Edgefield is one of my favorite nearby getaways that still feels far away.  The beautiful gardens and property, the soaking pool, not to mention all the great's going to be fun.