Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Paintings..............

30. Yellow Flowers *sold*

29. Beach Rocks, with Love *sold*

28. Circles and Flowers *sold*

27. Two Hands, Ten Bitten Nails

26. Three Hearts *sold*

25. This Cat Could Be Yours *sold*

24. Wild Flowers *sold*

23. Hanging by the Telowire

22. This is Now (That Was Then) *sold*

21. Red Fireball with Tentacles *sold*

20. Dangling Kelp *sold*

19. On the Porch with Sadie *sold*

18. Swimming in a Sea of Lips *sold*

17. Spiraling Fruitcake *sold*

16. Delicacy

15. I Think I Knew That This Would Happen. *sold*

14. Missing You *sold*

13. Blossoms in the Wintertime *sold*

12. Odd-Hipped Woman in Purple Dress
Leaning Against Heater for Support

11. Dead Dandy *sold*

10. Dead Poppies *sold*

9. Fat Daisies *sold*

8. Five Daisies *sold*

7. Hanging Blue Flowers *sold*

6. Angel Girls *sold*

5. Imagined Blue Ribbon Shoes

4. Girl with Closed Eyes

3. It's Fun to Paint *sold*

2. Come Ye Back *sold*

1. Two Suns *sold*


Karlene Kamelle said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog! I really love your art. Hope you had a good visit with Yarrow, seems like Portland is the perfect town for you.

Anonymous said...

My cuz is more skilled than anyone elses.

boooya grandma!

Lindsey-lou said...

ugh, my bad that was me that commented last, stupid thingy.