Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thirty! Art Show 12.07.07

Hi All,

Well, the Thirty! Art Show was more than I ever hoped it would be. For those of you who did not get my practically daily emails/postings building up to the show, the idea was for 30 artists to create 30 paintings in 30 days. Each artist was provided pre-cut, 8" x 8" wood on Nov 1st, and had 30 days to create 30 pieces. Dry, ready- to- be- hung work was dropped off on December 1st.

Before the show, I went to dinner in the neighborhood. As I crossed Burnside st, I tried to remember which side street the show was on. As seen above, I saw a long line out a door and around the corner along Burnside of people waiting to get in. I couldn't believe this was a line for the art show! It looked more like a line for people waiting to see some famous band or something, but no, Portland is just a city full of amazing art supporters.

At about 7 pm, I managed to sneek in, while my friends waited in line for about 15 minutes. Once inside, it was standing room only. (If you click the above picture to enlarge, you will find me in the left back corner, with the red eyes) The venue wasn't enormous, but by no means tiny. It was a bit overwhelming, but so exciting too. People were given stickers to write their names on, and volunteers (dressed in white) would mark pieces, and buyers could take the pieces off the walls at their leisure. It took a while to move around at first, with everybody trying to get first dibbs on pieces. I ended up leaving to get drinks with friends after the first hour, and waited for the crowd to die down a little. The show still had 3 more hours. By the end of the night, the group as a whole sold well over 600 paintings in 4 hours. I sold 24 of 30, which I was very pleased about.

The paintings were sold for $30 each, $20 of which went to the artists, the remaining $10 went to OM Tradition Arts, the Healing Arts facility where the show took place. In order to be fairly compensated for my time and materials, I aimed at spending no more than 2 hours on each piece. Of course paintings can be stubborn at times, but for the most part, I kept to that schedule.

Below are more photos of the event, as well as all thirty of my pieces. The remaining pieces are available for $30 each, plus shipping. I can also make prints of any of the 30 for $18 each, plus shipping.

For more detail, click on any image to enlargel. I would love any comments/feedback. Thanks for looking!

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rshelly said...

hello julia,
you can use the photo.
i actually hung some of your work. i felt that some of your work and mine were very similar. i will also add you at a link on my site.
keep in touch when you have future shows,