Sunday, August 31, 2008

back in business!

The Thirty-One! Art Show drew a big crowd with a long line wrapping around the block again. Thanks to the friends and family who came by to support me, and those of you who supported me with your kind words from afar! We had a good time.

Below you will find images of all 31 paintings and a few images of the event. It took me about a month to post this stuff up.... enjoying the summer i suppose!

...and one of these days, I will let you know about my new website! I just purchased a year commitment to a hosting site and with lots of tutorials on how to build it, it just seems a bit daunting at the moment and a very-left brained project indeed. But, I am also excited to push myself and create this on my own. I want to connect the site to Pay Pal and really start more consistently supporting myself with my art. So stay tuned.

Thanks for lookin'!

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