Monday, September 29, 2008


I started working in a comfort shoe store earlier this year, and have since found myself checking out people's shoes constantly. I guess I talk about them all day and like learning more and differentiating the good ones from the downright horrible ones. I am drawn to quality comfort shoes with rich colors, and unique design/embellishments. Of course there are some absolutely gorgeous, horribly painful shoes out there too.

In between selling my art at a busy street fair this summer, I held my camera at waist level and took photos from under my display table of the people passing by. I enjoyed catching a bit of the bustle from a unique and anonymous perspective. The random click of the camera as people naturally and unsuspectingly passed by created some great compositions. Other times, I would very intentionally see some cool shoes about to pass and try my best to capture them in a photo.

Below you will find some of the images I took. A broad spectrum of shoes, like the people that are wearing them. If you are interested in a particular image or a group of images, I can make prints of these. They will be on a block of wood and varnished with resin. Approximately 5" x 7" unless otherwise requested, for $25.

Thanks for looking!


sinceresimplicity said...

shoes rule. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Quick question,
i'm trying to get into taking my photographs and mounting them on wood and coating them with resin.

what wood do you use?
do you mix your own resin or use a particular product?

any details would be appreciated. you put any sort of frame around the wood for when the resin drips over?